Giacomo Puccini: La bohème

Giacomo Puccini: La bohème
15. June 2019, Saturday 21:00 h
Miskolc National Theatre - Summer Theatre

Opera in four acts, in Italian presented in three parts with projected animation

Rodolfo – István Horváth, Mimi – Kinga Kriszta, Marcello – Zsolt Haja, Musetta – Rita Rácz, Colline – András Kiss, Benoît, Alcindoro – András Hábetler

Directed by: András Hábetler
Conducted by: Gergely Madaras
Contributing: Savaria Symphony Orchestra, Choir of the Győr National Theatre, Children's Choir of the Hungarian State Opera

One of the protagonists of the opera, Marcello, the painter documents the story in his paintings. This way the audience watches a 90-minute animation, which was created using more than one hundred paintings. The animated paintings follow through almost all of the opera; sometimes illustrating the plot or providing background to stage events but sometimes the story itself is set on the screen.
This intimately sentimental and suggestive production is “digestible” even for those, for whom this will be the first encounter with the opera genre.

Tickets: 4000 HUF


Miskolc National Theatre - Summer Theatre
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